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November 3, 2023

We're proud to partner with Insight Education. Learn more about how Insight Education's Oxbridge Mentoring Programme can support your future plans.

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Oxbridge Interview Programme

Insight Education

We at Flyp Academy are happy to announce a partnership with Insight Education, who do brilliant work bridging the gap between secondary school and higher education.

For all students seeking mentorship and support in their big step, we can't recommend enough registering for the upcoming OMP Interview Workshop to boost your preparation ahead of Oxbridge interviews.

Check out the agenda and apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScqL-b3leptp1b6MVrAWPI--Q8BIzfrA64Yniy9ML3btF4mxA/viewform

Attached beside is a snippet from their latest newsletter outlining the details of the programme.

What is the secret of success at university admissions interviews? And how do you answer questions to come across as genuine without answers appearing rehearsed, contrived or coached? These are key questions hanging over our Oxbridge, G5 and medicalschool applicants right now. Over 17 years of tried and tested methods to support students into their dream universities, our Oxbridge Mentoring Programme provides the key to success. We invite any students facing university admissions interviews to register to attend our online Interview Workshop on 19 November 09:30-13:15 UK time. The Workshop will usefully teach students mnemonics or frameworks to break down interview questions into manageable “chunks”. They will work in groups to practise and apply the frameworks, grapple with past interview questions and present gold standard answers. We are pleased to present the Agenda for the OMP Interview Workshop (hyperlinked) and students can apply for their place here: https://bit.ly/3MmT3Hh . Any questions can be sent to: hello@insight-academy.co.uk (Joyce, IE MD & Creator of Oxbridge Mentoring)

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