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30 years of combined experience

Mark Hooley

Mark has been an educator for 15 years, working with learners both in the UK and internationally. Mark’s roles in education have included being a Head of Secondary and IB Coordinator along with being a lead teacher of Geography and Humanities in several institutes. Mark is a Chartered Geographer with the Royal Geographical Society and work and supported many governmental and non-governmental organisations in countries such as Portugal, India and Germany. Mark’s enthusiasm and for independent inquiry and technology spurred him on to help co-found Flyp Academy. Supporting students to take ownership and control over their own learning is a real passion of Mark’s, and he looks forward to seeing the Flyp grow and evolve in an ever-changing learning environment to meet the needs of all its learners.

Jonathan Boone

Jonathan first entered the Ed-Tech space in 2016 as a GCSE student working on Temple GCSE; a gamified quizzing app for GCSE students that reached over 100,000 users and ranked #9 in Education on the iOS App Store. He later studied at the University of Chicago, pursuing a double major in Economics and Public Policy, and a minor in Astrophysics, graduating with honours for his Public Policy Thesis "Education Technology in Chicago: Highlighting the Values of Access and Implementation as Crucial to Technological Efficacy Within Chicago High School Education." He is passionate about giving students autonomy over their studies and believes that technological media are the future of education.

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At Flyp Academy, our mission is to support all students in their leap to higher education, holding the belief that given the correct tools, students can rely on their autonomy to carry this responsibility. Therefore, we seek to provide the foundational support to not only level the playing field, but to provide a base upon which students can build with the utmost confidence.

We’ve developed an innovative set of online learning resources to help you with your GCSE, A-Level, IB and CBSE revision. Our platform helps you focus on the core subjects that you may be struggling with in school. From videos and quizzes to notes and social forums, our online learning resources put you in control of your learning. With online study guides and courses covering GCSE, A-Level, IB and CBSE topics such as Mathematics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, our on-demand online learning resources are designed help you achieve the results you want.

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Flyp's Values

We believe that with the right tools, GCSE, A-Level, IB and CBSE students can excel without limits.


We believe education ought to be made available to all. We have always, and plan always to, keep our core resources free.


We believe that in our connected world, working together can drive results at remarkable speeds.